Definitions and Requirements

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent by an official body or assembled group; a declaration submitted to an assembly for adoption. All NCDP resolutions must be in writing, preferably in electronic form as a Microsoft Word document. Handwritten or verbal resolutions will not be accepted for consideration. All resolutions must originate in precinct meetings. If you would like your resolution to be considered, write it out beforehand to take to the meeting with you. There it will be discussed and possibly amended. But the meeting is not the place for suggestions for resolutions, only for prepared ones.

Submission of Resolutions and Platforms

At the precinct meetings, Resolutions will be proposed, considered, and adopted. Once they are adopted, the Precinct Secretary will pass them onto the County Secretary.

The County Secretary is to report the approved resolutions from all precincts, in the county, to the County Convention. The delegates are to vote on the Resolutions and are to be prioritized at the County Convention. The County Secretary is to certify and submit the Resolutions to the appropriate District Secretary(ies) within ten (10) days. The Resolutions from the counties that are not prioritized are to be passed on to the State Resolution and Platform Committee.

The District Secretaries are to report all the Resolutions from the counties to the District Convention. The delegates are to vote on the Resolutions and are to be prioritized at the District Convention. The District Secretary is to report them to the State Chair in five (5) days and the State Resolutions and Platform committee in ten (10) days.

Sample Resolution

A Resolution Calling for a Style Guide for Future Resolutions

Resolutions are an important part of the North Carolina Democratic Party and its proceedings; and

WHEREAS, There are various templates used to write resolutions in state, local and international government; and

WHEREAS, The process for writing a resolution for consideration by the North Carolina Democratic Party is unclear; and

WHEREAS, Members of the North Carolina Democratic Party would find a guide to writing resolutions useful in their activism; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED That the North Carolina will consult Roberts’ Rules of Order and other documents to gain an understanding of the resolution-writing process; and

RESOLVED, That the State Party staff will produce a style guide to writing resolutions to be considered by the precinct, county, district, and State Executive Committees; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we Democrats commit our actions, time, ideas, energy, treasury and prayers toward ensuring electoral success for Democrats up and down the ballot henceforth and forevermore.

Submitted to the Fourth Congressional District Executive Committee by Mr. John Democrat, Donkey County, March 12, 2015