June 2022 Newsletter

News From The Greetings from Party Chair Myrna CampbellI’m very excited to present this first issue of our newsletter to you! Most importantly, I hope reading it will give you a better understanding of the things we do and perhaps interest you in getting involved in our efforts to mobilize Democratic voters. Our focus going forward will be to showcase our candidates and get them elected on Tuesday, November 8th. Building Blue for ’22!Visit Our WebsiteDonate to Your Local PartyIn This IssueIn This IssueSupport Our Teachers!Running for School BoardLearn Your PrecinctsMeet Josh RemillardDemocrats Did What!?Young DemocratsChild Tax CreditCredits
This newsletter is a publication of the Haywood Co. Democratic Party, and the Haywood Co. Democratic Party Communications Committee. Special thanks to Teri Domagalski, Secretary of the Executive Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Junaluska Precinct.Out & About With Haywood Co. DemsWaynesville Democrats gather to support Senate Candidate, Cheri Beasley.A precinct social at Frog Level Brewing Co.Local Democrats gather to support candidate Josh Remillard for NC House.Meet Josh Remillard Candidate, NC State House 118

A North Carolinian and a mountain native, Remillard served in the U.S. Army for eight years, including two tours of duty in Iraq. Then he came home, studied economics, politics and philosophy, and earned his degree. Josh started a family and got to work in his community, where he volunteered with fellow veterans and assisted with disaster relief efforts nearby and across the country. He spends every day motivated to serve his community, raise strong daughters and take care of his family, friends and neighbors.Josh is ready to get to work and bring his Western North Carolina values to Raleigh.

The backstory: Josh’s early life wasn’t easy. He bounced between foster homes until age four, when his grandparents adopted him. After high school he chose to serve his country.

He enlisted in the Army in 2006 as an Infantryman. He went on to an eight-year career, and rose through the ranks to Platoon Sergeant. Deployed twice to Iraq, he finished his enlistment in Germany and Texas.

The Josh Remillard File:

Military Service
Enlisted as: Infantryman
First duty station: 3rd Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3/7 Cavalry
Advancement: He rose up through the ranks to Sergeant and positions of ammo bearer, assistant gunner, gunner, squad leader, and platoon sergeant.
First deployment: Baghdad, 2007-2008. Earned Combat Infantryman’s Badge
Second deployment: Iraq, 2010-2011.
Post Deployment: Army’s basic leadership course, Warrior’s Leadership Course
Also stationed: Grafenwoehr, Germany (172nd Brigade Combat Team, 1/2 Infantry, Platoon Sergeant); El Paso, Texas (1st Armored Division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team)Upcoming Meet-the-Candidate Events with Josh

Meet Josh Remillard, Maggie Valley
June 22nd, 5-7pm
Meadowlark Motel
2878 Soco Rd,
Maggie Valley, NC 28751

Meet Josh Remillard, Lake Junaluska
July 1st, 5-6:30pm
Harrell Center
91 N Lakeshore Dr
Waynesville, NC 28785
Democrats Did What!?
Check out the links below to learn how the Democrats have championed public policyHealthcareFamily & Medical LeaveHealthcare for AllVaccine DistributionMasks in SchoolsSingle-Payer SystemMedicare ExpansionReproductive ChoiceThe EconomyTax Cuts for Lower & Middle-Income WorkersLivable WagesPro-Small BusinessTaxes on Rich & CorporationsFree TradeCovid ReliefInfrastructureThe EnvironmentClean Air & Water Climate ActionBetter TransportationRenewable EnergyResponsible IndustryConservation LandsFuel StandardsFarmland ProtectionThrough History  Social Security  Medicare/Medicaid  Civil Rights Act  Minimum Wage  40-Hour Work Week  Child Labor Laws  GI Bill  School Lunch  Worker’s CompFor the PeopleChild Care Tax Credits Support Public SafetySupport TeachersFeed the HungrySupport for SeniorsFree Community CollegePublic EducationUniversal Pre-KPaid Family LeaveWorking People’s NeedsRunning for School BoardThe Haywood County School Board has nine members who are elected by the voters in Haywood County for staggered, four-year terms. The members of the school board have responsibility for the control and supervision of all matters pertaining to the public school system.

They are elected to provide each student with the opportunity for a basic education and are charged with being an advocate for the school system, the employees, and students.

There are six election districts in Haywood County from which school board members are elected. One member each is required to come from the Bethel, Clyde, Crabtree-Iron Duff, and Fines Creek election districts and two each from the Beaverdam and Waynesville election districts.

Four of the nine board seats expire in November 2022. New board members will come from the Bethel, Clyde, Crabtree-Iron Duff and Fines Creek election districts.

Do you have an interest in serving the community by running for a seat on the school board, or do you know someone who would make an excellent school board leader? This is an opportunity to not only serve our public school system, but also a chance to infuse the school board with fresh perspectives.

Interested in discussing a run for school board? Email Myrna Campbell, Party Chair to discuss candidacy, myrna233@gmail.comPrecincts 101: Learn your PrecinctsDo you know you belong to a precinct? A precinct is the “smallest” electoral unit into which voters are grouped for purposes of voting, vote tabulation, and party organizing. Yet, a precinct or geographical area has the potential to make a “big” impact. That’s because there is tremendous potential when neighbors come together to work on behalf of their community. Precincts, or local neighborhoods, can serve as a grassroots base for doing good. In addition to organizing party activities, helping introduce candidates to voters, and organizing fundraisers, local precincts can bring neighbors together to help clean up a lake, host a BBQ to express thanks to local firefighters, and many other small “great” things!
 Likely, you know where you are assigned to vote on election day. But, did you know that Haywood County, NC has a total of 29 precincts? If you can name all of them, we just might give you a gold star!

But seriously, there are 29 political precincts here. In order to be considered “active”, each precinct must have you, and a minimum of four of your neighbors to be legitimately seen as an organized precinct. Those that are organized will include a precinct chairperson, vice-chair, and a secretary/treasurer. And, you and your neighbors are required to meet at least one time per year. But, you are welcome to meet more than that—to socialize, to discuss issues that matter to you, to discuss politics, to throw an appreciation event for your teachers, your firefighters, your local small business owners, or any number of events. Sadly, four of the precinct areas in our county do not have at least five interested neighbors that give them status as “organized”.

But, YOU can change that! Find at least four others in addition to yourself, in the following areas, and we can make you an active precinct: Beaverdam #4, Clyde North, Pigeon Center, Waynesville West. For the rest of us, call the Haywood Democrats Headquarters if you would like the name and contact information for your precinct chairperson or visit https://haywooddemocrats.wordpress.com/elected-officials/county-party-officials/ to find your precinct contact on our website. Support Haywood County TeachersOur public school teaching professionals are vital to our community. The Haywood County Democratic Party (HCDP) has committed to supporting and advocating for our teachers so that they have the resources and respect needed to educate our youngsters. A group of teachers from across the county meets periodically with several HCDP leaders to address issues that are important to them and to discuss how the democratic party can provide assistance.

If you are a public school teacher and would like to become involved with this group, send us an email at: haywooddemocrats@gmail.com or give us a call at: 828-452-9607. Do you have suggestions or concerns that you want to address but cannot be involved in the group meetings? Drop us a message to our email address and write “Teacher support” in the subject line.Young DemocratsA recent Young Democrats-sponsored Sheriff’s ForumThis past August, 2021, the Young Democrats of Haywood County reorganized for the first time in quite a while! We focus on Political Education, Community Service, and Advocating our age groups’ needs. The process of doing this has been like rolling a snowball, but like a snowball it is gaining momentum. In these nine months, this group has committed to several days of community service, developed a plan for precinct level activities, sent (and will be sending) several members to the County and District Conventions, and recently hosted a forum for our Democrat Sheriff Candidates.

One of the opposing forces to our growth is the perception that there is not a community for like-minded young persons to grow in. Like a pane of glass cracking, this perception is ready to be shattered.

Please help spread the word to friends and family between 18-35 years of age, and even those older and we will continue to expand our reach. To learn more, contact Young Dems Chair, Jesse Ross, youngdemshaywoodnc@gmail.com.Child Tax Credits and YouAmid the upheaval created by the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government offered tangible and immediate relief to families with children through the American Rescue Plan in 2021. Several changes were made to the Child Tax Credit. Among these, families received monthly checks rather than the usual annual lump sum, and the dollar amount of the credit increased between $1000 and $1600, based on a child’s age. Households with children under the age of six saw their child tax credit rise by $1600 from a previous $2000 to $3600 while those with children between the ages of six and seventeen received an additional $1000 per child.

You may wonder how this affected families here in Haywood County. Consider this: 40% of families with children ages 5 and under live below the poverty line in our county. Those additional tax credits have been monumental to them. Also, the number of children here who received state subsidized child care dropped by a full 2% between March and October 2021, a major decrease!

The expanded child tax credits were not renewed in 2022. Our federal senators and representatives did not vote in favor of continuing support. If you and your family found this program beneficial, it is important that you vote for Democratic leaders who will work to restore the program. Consider this program a tax cut for working families. Finally, families first!Copyright © 2022 Haywood County Democrats, All rights reserved.

Haywood County Democratic Party
734 N Main St
Waynesville NC 28786 

Phone: (828) 452-9607

To get involved, contact party leadership listed on our website: 

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