Rally in Support of Net Neutrality

Phillip Price for Congress Campaign-  Price 4 WNC is hosting a Rally in Support of Net Neutrality Rules on December 7th at 12:30 at Vance Monument.  Please bring a sign and come out in support of Net Neutrality Rules.

Net neutrality is the basic principle that has made the Internet into what it is today. It prevents big Internet Service Providers (like Verizon) from charging extra fees, engaging in censorship, or controlling what we see and do on the web by throttling websites, apps, and online services. Support Net Neutrality Rules!

Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai, with the backing of congressional Republicans including Mark Meadows, is planning on destroying that forum of freedom with a mid-December vote to undo the Obama administration’s Net Neutrality rules. Phillip Price is in support of Net Neutrality rules and will host a Net Neutrality Rally at the Vance Memorial in downtown Asheville on December 7th at 12:30 pm. We are inviting anyone of any political affiliation to rally with us in support of Net Neutrality Rules. Anyone who supports an open internet should join us especially small business owners, students and political candidates. A free and fair internet must be protected from corporate encroachment. Bring a sign and show up on your lunch break! We will start to arrive by noon. Official start at 12:30 – please join us!

These are the five people deciding the future of the internet.
The two women have come out as No votes. We need only to convince ONE of the other members to flip to a No vote to save Net Neutrality.

Blow up their inboxes!

Ajit Pai – Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov
Mignon Clyburn – Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov (confirmed ‘no’ vote)
Michael O’Rielly – Mike.ORielly@fcc.gov
Brendan Carr – Brendan.Carr@fcc.gov
Jessica Rosenworcel – Jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov (confirmed ‘no’ vote)

Contact them directly and contact your representative to ensure they know how you stand on this issue.  THANK YOU.

Important Information for those who buy healthcare via the ACA (Obamacare)

Mountain Projects, Inc. has announced that effective Sept. 18, the Health Care Navigator program is again available to consumers.

Navigators were laid off in early September due to a cut in funding for the National 2017-18 grant cycle for federally funded marketplace programs, but now staff is available to serve the seven western counties as well as the Qualla Boundary.  Despite the drastic funding cuts, Mountain Projects will continue to ensure the best customer service in Marketplace health insurance enrollments and re-enrollments, year round assistance and exemptions.

Open Enrollment for 2018 has been shortened to Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. Appointments will be limited and abbreviated to ensure as many people as possible can receive help. Now is the time to update your account and make an appointment to enroll for 2018 coverage.  Call a Navigator at Mountain Projects, Inc. for a free, in-person appointment at 800.627.1548.

Haywood County Democrats T-Shirts

We have a limited number of T-shirts designed by Doreen Carroll for sale.


You can pick them up at HQ or give us a call and reserve a shirt in your size (Youth Small, Small, Medium, Large). A $20 contribution to the Haywood Democrats will get you a high quality shirt to help us continue to move forward. Show your pride as a Democrat!

If you prefer to pay by credit card, clicks the Act Blue button below, but you still must make arrangements to pick up the shirt. Sorry, but we are not Amazons!

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The objectives of the Haywood County Democratic Women’s Club are to support the principles of the Democratic Party; to encourage able Democratic women to seek public office; and to participate in Democratic Party activities. The HCDWC also works to elect Democratic Party candidates and lends support to Democratic elected officials. Come join us! – 3rd Thursday of the month – 6:30pm -Democratic Headquarters, Judy Russell, President, djrussell2003@att.net

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