Welcome to the Haywood Democrats

Myth-Busting Forum 2

A Beautiful Healthcare Plan: Promise or Threat?

  • What happens to my family if the Affordable Care Act is overturned?
  • Would cuts to Medicare and Medicaid affect my family?
  • Can Medicaid expansion help with the opioid crisis?
  • How can I afford my insulin?
  • I work but can’t afford insurance. Will the Medicaid expansion help me?

The second in our Mythbusting forums will center on healthcare. We have recruited a blue ribbon panel to discuss the current situation and the possibilities for the future.

Steve Davis, Owner, General Insurance Services
Greg Christopher, Sheriff, Haywood County 
Lisa L. Leatherwood, MSN, RN,
Administrator, Silver Bluff Village
Stephen Wall, MD, Moderator

Please join us on Tuesday, June 11, 6:30 pm at the USDA Center, 589 Raccoon Road, Waynesville. Refreshments will be provided.

Senator Erica Smith Spoke to over 125 Democrats at a Successful Spring Rally

Introduced by our own Julia Buckner, State Senator Erica Smith gave us a rousing presentation highlighting her efforts in the General Assembly and her future aims. Senator Smith, who is running in a primary to unseat US Senator Tom Tillis, gave us a rundown of the ways in which our representatives in Washington have acted against the best interests of our state and the need to replace Sen Tiillis with a senator who has our best interests at heart.

Prior to her run for the NC Senate in 2014, Senator Smith worked as an engineer for Boeing Company, she then went on to teach high school math and she is also an ordained minister. She is the first woman to be elected to serve her district which includes Beaufort, Bertie, Northampton, Vance and Warren counties in northeast NC.

Senator Smith made the case for change in DC and told the enthusiastic crowd, “We
need someone who will go the extra mile and lead that change!” She continued, “I am
the most prepared candidate to lead that change in DC, with the intellect, ability and
integrity to get our state and nation moving in the right direction.”

The packed room at the Maggie Valley Inn was an appreciative and enthusiastic audience to her plan for the future. We hope to see Sen Smith in these mountains again soon. For more information on Senator Smith, her background and her six part plan, go to: https://ericaforus.com.

Myth Busting: We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

A crowd of approximately 150 attended our first Myth Busting presentation featuring Dr. David Crane, a world-renowned international prosecutor, who discussed the truth about foreign and domestic terrorism in America. Additionally, special speaker Haywood resident, Andrew Morgan, gave a personal testimony of his faith, Islam.

The Mountaineer gave us great coverage of the event. The article can be found here; First Myth-Busting Event Exceeds Expectations.

Potential topics for future events include Healthcare and Climate Change.

North Carolina G.O.P. Chairman Indicted in Corruption Probe

The chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party and one of the state’s leading political donors together sought to use campaign contributions to bribe the state’s insurance commissioner, federal prosecutors said in an indictment that was unsealed on Tuesday.

The 23-page indictment — detailed with accounts of clandestine airport meetings and promises of millions of dollars in illicit donations — intensified the political tumult in a state already roiled by partisan warfare and a fraud-tainted congressional election. And it also showed how, at least in the judgment of prosecutors, a leading political operative and one of his most important benefactors tried to shape government oversight in one of the nation’s largest states. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/02/us/robin-hayes-nc-indictment.html


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Auxiliary Groups

Democratic Women

The objectives of the Haywood County Democratic Women’s Club are to support the principles of the Democratic Party; to encourage able Democratic women to seek public office; and to participate in Democratic Party activities. The HCDWC also works to elect Democratic Party candidates and lends support to Democratic elected officials. Come join us! – 3rd Thursday of the month – 6:30pm -Democratic Headquarters, Judy Russell, President, djrussell2003@att.net

Senior Democrats

The objectives of the Haywood County Senior Democrats are to work to get Democratic candidates elected to public office; to advocate for issues of concern to seniors; and to educate voters and potential voters about issues and candidates.  Any registered Democrat over the age of 50 is eligible for membership. Come join us!  –  last Tuesday of every month – 1:00 pm @Democratic Headquarters
Juanita Dixon, President, sjdixon28716@yahoo.com

Democratic Men

The purpose of the Haywood County Democratic Men’s Club is to promote the interests of the Democratic Party and to help get Democratic candidates elected to all levels of government. In addition, the club provides financial assistance and counsel to the Haywood Democratic Party. Join us the 4th Thursday of the month – Captain’s Bay, Russ Ave.
Steve Ellis, President, ellis849@bellsouth.net

Young Democrats

Efforts are underway to reorganize the Haywood County Young Democrats. Any registered Democrat under the age of 36 interested in joining should contact us. Go to he Contact page here or email us at HaywoodDemocrats@gmail.com.

Any group of 5 or more young Democrats can organize within their county as an official chapter of Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC). By promoting the values of freedom, fairness, equality and social justice, the Young Democrats organization provides the youth of North Carolina a vehicle for progressive change.