Welcome to the Haywood Democrats

Canvassing for our local candidates is starting

As we celebrate the reunion of decency in the White House (Obamas and Bidens), we also realize that we are up against Proud Boys and the white nationalist cult (the Republican Party).  We always say the current election is the most important, but this one sure seems important.  Electing Cheri Beasley could mean control of the Senate.  Electing Sam Ervin and Lucy Inman means reasonable people controlling the NC Supreme Court. And our local races (Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Josh Remillard, Sheriff Larry Bryson, Commissioners Kirk Kirkpatrick and Jeff Haynes, and Tax Collector Greg West) are all a choice between sensible government and radical extremists.  Did you see that Jasmine’s opponent (Chuck Edwards) is against student loan forgiveness?  Yet he received a PPP loan from the government for $1.1 million which was forgiven.  Enough of the ranting – you get the point.  Let’s get rid of the liars and hypocrites. 

We are going to the doors of 2500 voters in Haywood County who share our values but don’t always vote in the midterm elections.  We need to get them out to vote. 

Canvassing voters is a proven means of getting out the vote. Please call me if you would like to get involved with this effort. I really appreciate your help.  The best way to get people out to vote is to ask them personally.   Let’s go meet out Democratic neighbors!

Thanks, Chuck Dickson,  chdickson@chdicksonlaw.com,  828-421-1997

General Election Candidates – Nov 8

US Senate

US House of Representatives District 11

NC House of Representatives District 118

NC State Senate District 50

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 03

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 05

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 08

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 09

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 10

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 11

NC District Court Judge District 30 Seat 03

  • Roy Wijewickrama (incumbent)

Haywood County Sheriff

Haywood County Board of Commissioners

  • Jeff Haynes
  • J. W. (Kirk) Kirkpatrick III (incumbent)

Haywood County Clerk of Superior Court

  • Hunter Plemmons (incumbent)

Haywood County Register of Deeds

  • Sherri C. Rogers (incumbent)

Haywood County Tax Collector

  • Gregory W. West (incumbent)

Make Your Voice Count – VOTE!

General Election 2022 Important Dates

Sept. 9, 2022: The date by which absentee ballots are available.

Oct. 14, 2022: Voter registration deadline. Afterwards, only same-day registration during one-stop early voting is available.

Oct. 20, 2022: One-stop, in-person early voting period begins.

Nov. 1, 2022: Deadline to submit an absentee ballot request form.

Nov. 5, 2022: One-stop, in-person early voting period ends at 3 p.m.

Nov. 8, 2022: Election Day and absentee ballot return deadline

Democrats Believe In

  • Supporting Families
  • Protecting Democracy
  • Protecting Personal Freedom
  • Appreciation for those who have served in the military
  • Appreciation for law enforcement


Regular Monthly Meetings

Democratic Women – 3rd Thursday of the month – 6:30pm – Meetings currently Canceled. Email Myrna Campbell for details. myrna233@gmail.com

Senior Democrats –  last Tuesday of every month – 1:00pm .
Currently meeting on ZOOM. – Contact Janet Banks for an invitation, banksjanetbm@gmail.com

Executive Meeting – 3rd Monday of each month – 6:30pm –  currently meeting via Zoom. Email us for details. haywooddemocrats@gmail.com

Auxiliary Groups

Democratic Women

The objectives of the Haywood County Democratic Women’s Club are to support the principles of the Democratic Party; to encourage able Democratic women to seek public office; and to participate in Democratic Party activities. The HCDWC also works to elect Democratic Party candidates and lends support to Democratic elected officials. Come join us at our Zoom meetings! Email Natasha to receive an invitation to join Zoom. Natasha Bright, President, natbright77@gmail.com

Senior Democrats

The Haywood Senior Democrats welcome all Democrats over 50 to join us. We encourage senior Democrats to have an active interest in governmental affairs and to support the issues and candidates that promote democratic ideals. We strive to promote equal justice, and the welfare and happiness of the people of our county, state, and country.–  Meeting the last Tuesday of every month – 1:00 pm. Currently meeting via Zoom. Please email Janet in order to be invited to the Zoom meetings.
Janet Banks, President, banksjanetbm@gmail.com

Young Democrats

The Haywood County Young Democrats is an official chapter of the Young Democrats of North Carolina.

Membership is open to any registered Democrat under the age of 36, but we are also a place for those who feel in-between Youthful and not so anymore. The Young Democrats of Haywood County seek to create a community that gives a space for those to speak and a forum for those to listen so that we may be civically educated just as much as we are active. And through our action we seek to grow in our responsibility and encouragement of those in our community.