Free screening of “Democracy for Sale”

 Local residents concerned about the influence of big money in North Carolina politics are invited to a screening of “Democracy for Sale” at 7:00 pm on Sunday, March 26 at the Strand Theater, Main Street, Waynesville.

A cooperative effort between the Haywood County Democratic Party and the Haywood Chapter of the NAACP, the 45-minute documentary will be followed by a question-and-answer/discussion session. No ticket is needed, and seating will be on a first come, first served basis. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

As Tamara Sheffield stated at the screening she helped organize in Salisbury, NC: “Sustaining our democracy is not a Democratic or Republican ideal. It’s an American ideal, and it and should always be a goal of any nonpartisan or bipartisan organization. Citizens must be educated on policies and issues. An educated, engaged republic is a powerful one – it allows us to make positive changes for all, not just a select few.”

The Waynesville screening is part of a statewide tour of Democracy for Sale that began Jan. 23. The film features actor Zach Galifianakis, who is an N.C. native, and demonstrates why North Carolina, once a beacon of light and generosity in a sea of red state reactionary politics, is now rapidly changing because of a surge of political spending.

The film focuses on how big-money political interests have led to a lack of environmental protection, tax cuts for the upper class and corporations, education cuts and gerrymandering, as well as laws designed to suppress voter turnout. Coordinated by Working Films, the screening tour aims to educate citizens on these issues and provide opportunities for interested individuals to get involved in local organizing.

Haywood NAACP President Chuck Dixon and Democratic Party Chair Myrna Campbell encourage their members to come out to see the film and develop a better understanding of the negative consequences when citizen input in government, at any level, is limited or curtailed.

County Democratic Convention

Mark April 1 on your calendar for the 2017 Haywood County Convention. All registered Democrats are invited to attend the Convention to be held at the USDA Center at 589 Raccoon Rd, Waynesville. We’ll start off with pancakes and coffee at 8 am and then get the meeting started at 9 am. On the agenda is the election of County Party Officials and a referendum on resolutions submitted by Haywood precincts. Be a part of democracy in action!

Go Beyond Voting off to a Good Start

We held the first meeting of our Saturday morning roundtable and are very pleased at the turnout and enthusiasm. About 30 Democrats joined us to identify and discuss issues. Chair of the Haywood Democratic Party, Myrna Campbell, gave us a rundown of local and state issues to be aware of especially those identified by the North Carolina Justice Center (http://ncjustice.org) and the North Carolina Policy Watch (http://www.ncpolicywatch.com). Please join us at Headquarters for our next coffee on Saturday April 8 at 10 am.



Free screening of “Democracy for Sale”

Sunday, March 26 – 7pm – the Strand Theater, Main Street, Waynesville. Free admission. Seating on a first come first served basis. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Regular Monthly Meetings

Go Beyond Voting – 2nd Saturday of the month – 10am – Democratic Headquarters

Democratic Women – 3rd Thursday of the month – 6:30pm – Democratic Headquarters

Senior Democrats –  last Tuesday of every month – 1:00pm – Democratic Headquarters

Democratic Men – 4th Thursday of the month – 6:00pm – Captain’s Bay, Russ Ave, Waynesville

Executive Meeting – 3rd Monday of each month – 6:30pm –  Democratic Headquarters

Auxiliary Groups

Go Beyond Voting

Meeting once a month, Saturdays at 10:00am, the Roundtable welcomes Haywood Democrats anxious to meet and discuss issues with like-minded people. Attend to voice your thoughts and discuss political issues as well as develop strategies, check facts, write letters, and create informational brochures. 2nd Saturday of the month – 10am – Democratic Headquarters

Democratic Women

The objectives of the Haywood County Democratic Women’s Club are to support the principles of the Democratic Party; to encourage able Democratic women to seek public office; and to participate in Democratic Party activities. The HCDWC also works to elect Democratic Party candidates and lends support to Democratic elected officials. Come join us! – 3rd Thursday of the month – 6:30pm -Democratic Headquarters, Judy Russell, President, djrussell2003@att.net

Senior Democrats

The objectives of the Haywood County Senior Democrats are to work to get Democratic candidates elected to public office; to advocate for issues of concern to seniors; and to educate voters and potential voters about issues and candidates.  Any registered Democrat over the age of 50 is eligible for membership. Come join us!  –  last Tuesday of every month – 1:00 pm @Democratic Headquarters
Juanita Dixon, President, sjdixon28716@yahoo.com

Democratic Men

The purpose of the Haywood County Democratic Men’s Club is to promote the interests of the Democratic Party and to help get Democratic candidates elected to all levels of government. In addition, the club provides financial assistance and counsel to the Haywood Democratic Party. Join us the 4th Thursday of the month – Captain’s Bay, Russ Ave.
Tom Alexander, President, RTA95240@gmail.com

Young Democrats

Efforts are underway to reorganize the Haywood County Young Democrats. Any registered Democrat under the age of 36 interested in joining should contact Will Shuford at shufordwill@gmail.com

Any group of 5 or more young Democrats can organize within their county as an official chapter of Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC). By promoting the values of freedom, fairness, equality and social justice, the Young Democrats organization provides the youth of North Carolina a vehicle for progressive change.